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Women are extraordinary beings.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

@my_life_temple because it sums up the essence of how I feel women are, then I'll add some more reflections: "Woman, your beauty, magic, mystery, power and wisdom has been dampened for far too long. The feminine essence is like the wind - it needs to be free, wide and open, and also loves to slow down, get quiet and whisper in your ear. Like the wind, she brushes through your hair - sweeps across your heart - presses you forward or slows you down for your own good. Woman, together, united, we create magic on this planet. Harness your energy and allow your forces for good to amplify now when the world needs it the most. Happy Women's Day - today and everyday. From your tribe, at My Life Temple." Women are extraordinary beings. You see, the energies of masculine and feminine are part of what make up the whole. Woman can be more herself when man is more himself. Like the yin and the yang, it is not about dark and light, masculine and feminine as opposites - it is how they merge, co-mingle and collectively contribute to the whole. Women, it's not about feminism (though it definitely played its role in helping uncover the unjust nature in the last many decades), it is about wholeness and honouring. Standing in your power, as a woman, includes vulnerability, strength, tenderness, acceptance. These are superpowers. Once we really come to recognize this, our magnificence will escalate and emanate to all levels of humanity. The world is changing, as you can see, and now more than ever humanity needs a healthy feminine, a healthy masculine and a healthy whole. As we celebrate #internationalwomensday let's actually feel into what this means, to be a woman, to be born of a woman, to need a woman, to embrace the feminine within ourselves no matter our physical or sexual orientation. We all have woman inside of us, mother, Gaia, Ma. She is one with who we are. The more we embrace this, the more we come to understand our wholeness. Celebrate woman today and everyday. Honor her, bless her, witness her, understand her. She is you.



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