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How dietary fibre can help you lose "fake weight" and create a healthy colon.

A healthy intestinal system includes good bacteria that help the body create B vitamins (essential for brain functioning) and vitamin K. The intestines include the small and large intestine. The large intestine primarily functions to absorb water and minerals (electrolytes) from what is left of the food matter that has already been digested and absorbed by the small intestine. Your large intestine includes the colon, and is essential for removing waste and toxins through the colon and anus. It is a reservoir for fecal matter that isn't ready yet to be released - yes, poop lives here until you're ready to let it go!

Let's uncover what I often call "fake weight" and why you need to rid yourself of it so you can feel less sluggish and more ready to take on the day!

"Fake weight" is that accumulation of gas, bloating, buildup of toxins and water retention that often makes people (especially women) feel as if they've put on 5-10 pounds and they often don't recognize how it got there. Many times we could be holding on to 6-12 pounds of fecal matter in the intestines, and yet we feel that we've gained weight, thinking we've put on fat - but really it's a simple switch of our systems to get them regulated, and you'll be flushing that weight in no time.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to flush this weight is by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Depending on your lifestyle, weight and tolerance level, you can drink approximately 2-3 L of water per day for optimal health. Water helps to flush out the intestines and rid our bodies of unnecessary waste, fecal matter and toxins. Water is also essential for lubrication and optimal brain functioning.

Another way to get rid of this excess, "fake weight" is to supplement with dietary fibre. First off, what is dietary fibre? Dietary fibre is Food material not digestible by the human small intestine and only partially digestible by the large intestine.* This fibre acts like a scrubbing brush, helping the colon to flush out toxins and waste, while at the same time helping to regulate our healthy cholesterol levels (for a healthy heart). Consumption of dietary fibre, like sources from whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, helps us to feel fuller for longer, more satiated, which prevents us from over-eating. This is a huge benefit for those looking to lose weight or manage their weight, since they'll be consuming less calories overall.

Some of my favourite supplemental sources of dietary fibre come in the form of powders. There are so many in the marketplace these days, but two stand out to me from the research that I've done, both phenomenal companies with great research behind their products. One of these fibre supplements is from a company called Zinzino. Their fibre is combined with a prebiotic, to help support healthy gut bacteria, and includes 8 different strains of dietary fibers, which is sure to help most people's gut biome. The ZinoBiotic can be found here. and you simply take 2 small scoops to a maximum of 4 small scoops per day in a glass of water or in your protein shake or smoothie. You'll be regular in no time, eating less calories overall (if you're an over-eater) and feeling much clearer in your mind and brain functioning. Did you know that the gut is a brain centre, according to Chinese traditional medicine?

My other favourite source of supplemental dietary fibre (and I say supplemental because you can consume a good amount of fibre throughout the day when you eat plenty of salads, fruits, raw vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds), is the fibre powder from my beloved doTERRA. This particular fibre source includes:

The primary benefits of using this type of supplemental fibre are:

  • 6g of dietary fibre in each serving, towards your total daily intake of 25-38 g

  • Contains high potency vitamin C

  • Helps maintain a healthy microbiome*

  • Promotes healthy digestive function*

  • May support cardiovascular health*

  • May support the immune system*

  • May help support metabolic processes*

  • May support weight management goals

If you're unsure which fibre supplement to take, or would like to know more about changing your dietary habits in order to shed what I call "fake weight", send me a message here and we can set up an introductory call.

Here for you in health, fitness and your spiritual growth,

Donna Pranalakshmi Poulidis


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