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During a Pandemic - What can we learn?

Love thy neighbour

This global event we are experiencing all together seems to be teaching us one very big lesson - "thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" from the New Testament, about the ethical act of reciprocity, also known as the Golden Rule. We continue hearing and reading about the ways in which we can protect ourselves from this virus, wearing gloves and wearing masks, standing at 2 metres distance from others in order to do our part in avoiding to contract the virus. Equally as much we are hearing that it is our duty and responsibility to protect those around us. This, to me and my family, has been the most poignant learning from this experience thus far. It is beautiful to see how humanity can respond to a crisis and care for its fellow humans (and animals). In my home, we walk our dog during this pandemic, washing him down each and every time we enter back into our home, doing what we think is helping to contain any spread of this virus.

I am reminded at this time, of the message that health and wellness professionals have been preaching and teaching for many decades (and of course since antiquity) - the practice of self-love. It is of utmost importance now, to take the precautions scientists are urging us to adhere to. ,We must take the time to love ourselves first, to apply as many practices as possible that can help contain the spread of this virus. By caring for the self, first and foremost, we are essentially showing our care for all of those around us; protecting them by practicing good hygiene and etiquette. Many of us would consider most or all of these precautions common sense, but globally we are seeing that there is a learning curve, and as long as we all get there together, we can make a massive universal effort to contain this virus.

The love and care we are now urged to show for ourselves, our family and neighbours, EVERYONE that we are in contact with, is a beautiful lesson to be extracted from this difficult time. In my home, we are enjoying being together in this isolation. My son is ecstatic with all the extra time he has with me and my partner. We do something different every day; playing board games, watching movies, singing, dancing, exercising, making meals, drawing, painting, etc. We are finding our ways to navigate through this time in a way that is most healing and most beneficial to our psyches and bodies.

Understand this is an opportunity to turn inwards

Whether you live with others or live alone, if you are now in isolation in your home, take this opportunity to turn inwards, to reflect, to get to know yourself all over again. Is there a hobby you have lost and would love to restart, or something new you would like to begin? If you live with others, take this time to really get to know your family better, do activities together that you all love and enjoy, or participate in something they love and show your support. You will see, this opportunity will bring you much closer together.

Harness the energy of fear into a power to create solutions

This is an excellent time for our human species to re-evaluate and reassess everything in our lives to date - to appreciate all that we have now. We can see much more clearly that we can actually get along with so few things. We learn that worry and fear do not help us find solutions, unless we learn to use our fear as harnessed energy to create alternative ways. Think about how life can be without the internet, TV, and other such distractions. Try to live a part of your day without these technologies and really let your mind quiet and your spirit feel at peace; to be able to listen to yourself and your real inner self speak its needs and wisdom.

Enjoy watching movies, but limit how many you watch each day. When you do watch, really take in the moment and enjoy all aspects of the film; its story, the way it was made, the acting, etc. Be present in the moment. Also, limit your exposure to the news. Set a time where you become informed, and for the remainder of your day, set other activities as priorities whether on your own or with your family; nourishing, healthy, fulfilling activities.

Now, more than ever, we are equally connected as a human race

You will see, that we will get through this together. That it is only together that we can solve this crisis - now more than ever we are so equally connected as a human race. Set time to pray or meditate on this - on the outcome you would like to see from this pandemic. Chant mantra, set a visualization, or pray; any practice that can put you in a state of oneness with your spirit and the world at large. Tune into what is happening around us, and set the frequency to love - radiate love from inside yourself towards the earth at large. Send love to all humanity at this time, help them heal and help them see the value of togetherness for a common goal. See the beauty in the difficulty, and this will set your spirit at ease - helping you make wiser decisions from a deeper more balanced part of yourself.

In love and blessings,


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