The virtual temple space for phenomenal women.

Feel whole, fit and powerful. 

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The PranaLakshmi Virtual Studio is your personal place for body and mind wellness & transformation:

Get energized!
Get motivated!
Maintain your best shape ever!


From wherever you are without the time and extra effort of getting to/from the gym, your nutritionist, your therapist or your coach.

Find them all in one place - your temple space

Where you can stay accountable and not waste any of your precious time.


That's why PranaLakshmi was built, as an online temple - a space to take care of your body, mind and spirit in community with other phenomenal women around the world.

A powerful and whole woman is open to empowering herself in order to allow for change and evolution so that she can elevate herself to her highest potential. 

's what we're here to serve. 

Our 3 pillars:

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pillar 2

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pillar 3

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Join the community vibes by downloading or listening to our podcast here. We are all about Adulting in the Modern World, as women, entrepreneurs, mothers, creators and wisdom holders. 



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