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We've created this digital temple space so that we can preserve and offer ancient and modern healing practices, wisdom teachings and transformative journeys. 


In this sacred high vibrational lifestyle temple you'll experience activations, transformations and empowerment.


Everyone who enters this space is met with love, joy, grace, beauty and magic.  Our mission is that you be filled up to support all the aspects of your life and fulfill your soul journey so that you live a soul-expressed life.


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Danielle Daou

Holistic Lifestyle | Nutrition | Relationship | Therapy

Donna Poulidis

Meditation | LifeForce Yoga | Fitness | Therapy Coaching

Sahar Joya

Intentional Creativity | Program Development | Leadership Coaching

Danielle Daou is a speaker, writer and Relationship, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach and Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) Practitioner, who works with men and women through tailored programs that help them achieve sustainable healthy eating, an empowered self-relationship, boost their immune system, reach their ideal body weight naturally and sustain a healthy body, mind and spirit for life.

Through the powerful technique of Command Cell Therapy, she purposely helps individuals of all ages, heal their bodies from chronic illnesses, emotional blockages or traumas that have persisted for many years.

The quest in wellness led her to become a Relationship, Lifestyle and Nutrition Health Coach, certified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with a mission to empower individuals in taking their own body and mind health into their own hands.

Donna is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, LifeForce Yoga teacher, meditation facilitator and Rapid Transformational Therapist (in training).  Her wholistic approach to coaching with private clients and groups, includes modalities that fuel and nourish the whole self: yoga, meditation, visualization, breath work and physical exercises. Her mission is to help women feel safe and whole in their bodies.

Donna is fascinated with techniques that enhance our mental abilities, allowing us to shift our mindset and paradigms to function from a clearer and more connected state. She is known for her "chocolatey" voice that soothes the soul, recording mantras and meditations to bring you peace and connect you to your authentic self. Donna currently lives in Greece with her son and coaches clients in person and online. 

As a certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Coach, Sahar is passionate about supporting people in their empowerment and evolution through using Intentional Creativity® processes. She has trained with best selling authors, women leadership coaches and teachers such as Christine Arylo and Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Sahar loves designing transformative processes that engage the whole self in order to catalyze lasting change, using teachings she has gathered from her own deep creative self-exploration journey over the last 10 years.

Sahar is also an instructional designer, and has over 5 years of experience developing transformative and enriching college level programs.