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It's wonderful to have you visit. If we haven't met already, I'm Donna, also known as PranaLakshmi. That's my yogic name meaning life force and the power of the Divine Mother, holder of abundance in all of its forms including wealth and health.  I may love referring to my goddess name, and still I'm human on this earth - just like you, living a daily life and knowing exactly what it's like to navigate struggles and challenges. I embody the following: that we can hold a wealth consciousness as well as a health consciousness, even in the midst of living a householder life. This is what I have been planted on this earth to serve through my work. 

You've landed here likely because you're a visionary like myself, or see yourself as one. You want to feel healthy inside and out, and you are likely an entrepreneur looking to feel whole and complete in your work mission and also in your relationships. 

It's divine timing that we met. Perhaps you're seeking clarity at this stage in your life. You're in luck, that's my specialty. In fact, one of my ultimate specialties is helping people feel calm, in order to get clear on their vision and create the life they desire. by doing the work that will free themselves from the shackles of traumas, fear, unworthiness and toxic relationships.


My clients are what I call Visionary Entrepreneurs. They come to me to feel more balance in their lives, to create more wealth and have a clear vision in their purpose at work, and most of all to feel full in their desire for life. 

Being Visionary, Spiritual & Wealthy
CAN go together. 

Visionary Entrepreneur

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Life Coaching

Listen to
Soul Service Sundays

Channeling, Meditations and Visualizations for your healing and alignment.
PLUS special guests. 

Perfection and
beauty are states of mind.
Own your uniqueness
& feel alive! 

Donna "Pranalakshmi"

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