The PranaLakshmi Virtual Studio is your personal practice space
for body and mind wellness & transformation:

Be motivated!
Be energized!
Thrive in your best shape ever!

Take our classes wherever you are without the time and extra effort
of getting to/from the gym, a nutritionist, a therapist and a coach.

Find it all in one place.
A temple space.

Our Classes

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Monday Mindset


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Holistic Coaching for Healthy Weight, Longevity & Energy

In our online LIVE classes you will learn ways to:

  • develop, maintain and strengthen your healthy body

  • create a longevity lifestyle

  • live with an abundant and prosperity mindset

  • feelings of balance, clarity, energy and calm.

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The benefits of training online

Training and coaching online has many benefits for your health and can exponentially increase the rate of you reaching your goals.

  • train according to your schedule

  • ask your coach or trainer questions in a LIVE chat or email

  • train anywhere - you can always have access to your programs wherever you are

  • train with the best teachers from around the globe

  • join our private support community

  • create a new network of women that can support you in achieving your dream life

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















To see the live class schedule click on the day of the week - select "more info" to learn more about the details of each class. Select "Book Now" to join our virtual studio membership.  

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What makes the PranaLakshmi Studio different?


  • Access to all studio classes.​

  • LIVE personalized attention from our instructors

  • Personal health questionnaire

  • 1 Private e-mail check-in from one of our experienced coaches/mo

  • Studio classes based on our client's needs

  • Private Facebook support group

  • PLUS - Each class is saved in our library for one week. You can repeat classes that you love or take a class at your own convenient time!


Your Coaches

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"Pranalakshmi" Poulidis

Hi! I'm Donna

I'm a mom to a beautiful teenage boy, multi-passionate entrepreneur, full of vitality, passion and the desire to serve. 

As a LifeForce Yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, essential oils specialist and Rapid Transformational Therapist (in training), my wholistic approach to coaching with private clients and groups includes modalities that fuel and nourish the whole self: yoga, meditation, visualization, breath work, botanicals and physical exercises.

My mission is to help women feel safe and whole in their bodies, while teaching them ways to use the powerful mind to shape the life they desire. I am known for using a combination of RTT®, Cell Command Therapy®, ancient tools of yoga and body movement that targets the organs, lymphatic system and mental/emotional system, nutrition/herbals and essential oils. I help the whole person feel whole again.

What sparks me?

"It is my own very personal journey that fuels my drive and passion to help others, especially women. It is my duty and service on this planet to share what I have learned and help others the way I have been helped."



"The High Healer" Daou

I am a Lebanese Korean, working mother of one daughter and three dogs. My personal life journey with my chronic illness struggles helped me find my purpose and passion, that is to coach individuals for lifetime lasting changes as I ‘walk’ beside them every step of the way on their own journey.


I am a speaker, writer and Relationship, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach and Rapid Transformation Therapy® (RTT®) Practitioner, who works with women, families and children through tailored programs that help them achieve sustainable healthy eating, an empowered self-relationship, boost their immune system, reach their ideal body weight naturally and sustain a healthy body, mind and spirit for life.

Through the powerful technique of Command Cell Therapy® and RTT®, I purposely help individuals of all ages, heal their bodies from chronic illnesses, emotional blockages or traumas that have persisted for many years.

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